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Our Vision

St Georges lodge vision is of a care home that ensures a person-centred approach to all service users, which enables individuals with support, to enjoy a healthy, engaging and independent life.

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver outstanding care and support by promoting a positive culture that is person-centred, open, inclusive and empowering.
We aim to provide a relaxed, homely and happy environment, where a service user’s physical and emotional wellbeing is of utmost priority so that individuals can live fulfilled lives in a safe, caring and compassionate environment.

Our Values

The following statements sum up our core values which determine the way we operate:
  • Choice –
    We believe that service users have a right to choose the support they need, enabling them to retain their dignity and control of their lives.
  • Fulfilment -
    We believe in the right of every service user to realise and maintain personal aspirations, abilities and social connections.
  • Privacy and dignity –
    We believe in the right of every service user to be treated as a valued member of the society and be treated with respect and dignity.
  • Individuality –
    We keep a strong sense of individuality and freedom, thereby ensuring a great deal of flexibility and personal choice within the care home. We do not discriminate on grounds of race, nationality, language, religion, age, gender, social standing or sexual preferences.
  • Responsibility –
    We strive to be honest, transparent, fair and ethical in everything we do. We are an effective, efficient and responsive care home, thinking ahead and planning for the future.

St Georges Lodge
Residential Care Home

St Georges Lodge Residential Care Home
46 Chesswood Road
West Susssex
BN11 2AG
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