Statement of purpose

St Georges Lodge is committed to ensuring that it complies with all legislative and regulatory requirements. As such, we will ensure that an up to date copy of our Statement of Purpose is given to the Care Quality Commission within 28 days of any changes. It is our intention to keep the Statement of Purpose under review and make required changes as they happen, or once per year as a minimum.

Our Statement of Purpose meets the requirements of current legislation, including Schedule 3 of Regulation 12 of the Care Quality Commission (Registration) Regulations 2009.

Aims and Objectives

At St Georges Lodge our prime objective is to provide a relaxed, homely and happy environment for ladies and gentlemen aged over 65. We want service users to feel at home; to achieve fulfillment of life with no undue pressures and to attain peace of mind in a safe environment.

In providing care, we ensure that you have:
  • The right to choice
  • We will keep all service users informed generally of any important matters or developments and welcome any suggestions for the service users, their families and staff. We believe that service users should be actively involved in their care and have control to decide how their needs are met.

  • The right to privacy
  • A service user's room is their own personal place and personal privacy is respected at all times.

  • The right to fulfillment
  • We believe in the right of every service user to realize and maintain personal aspirations, abilities and social connections.

  • The right to independence
  • We encourage service users to be as independent as they wish. We encourage service users to take part in activities, hobbies and interests they have. We aim for all service users to have a happy and  contented life in a way that suits each services  user's individual needs.

  • The right to independence
  • The right of every service user to be treated as a valued member of the society, regardless of their present circumstances and be treated with respect and dignity. We will provide physical and emotional support to service users, their family and friends.

  • Rights
  • We endeavour to maintain the rights of the service users and all entitlements associated with Every service user has the right to have an advocate or representative of choice.

In meeting your needs we ensure that:
  • We are always reliable and ensure continuity.
  • We provide a safe, comfortable and caring  environment.
  • We respect your privacy and dignity.
  • Offer the opportunity to enhance quality of life,  ensuring happiness and enjoyment within the  home.
  • Keep a strong sense of individuality and freedom,  thereby ensuring a great deal of flexibility and  personal choice within the care home.
  • You will not be discriminated against on grounds of  race, nationality, language, religion, age, gender,  social standing or sexual preferences.

Services Provided

St Georges Lodge provides accommodation for 26 people both male and female aged over 65. The current range is 7 men and 19 women, whose ages range from 65 to 103.

All 26 bedrooms are single. Most rooms (22) have their own en-suite facilities and bathrooms are easily accessible on both ground and first floors. There is a Parker assisted bath available for service users who have difficulty with mobility. There is a fully operating passenger lift from the ground to the first floor. All the rooms have level access except room 20, which has a small step. Regular risk assessments are carried out to ensure suitability of the occupant. If a service user is accommodated in a room which becomes unsuitable for any reason, there would be an option to change rooms if a more suitable room is available at the time. We undertake to keep the home and grounds in good order at all times.

We will provide three meals per day, plus hot beverages at appropriate

Admission Criteria

The admission criteria for accessing services at the home are clearly stated in our procedures manual. The specific procedures which cover this area are:

  • 4.01 Needs Assessment
  • 4.02 Meeting Assessed Needs
  • 1.08 Trial Visits
  • 1.10 Intermediate or Respite Care
  • 1.09 Moving In

The manager will undertake a pre-assessment on any new service users, which will enable us to deliver a service tailor made for you. To protect the needs and rights of the service user we are committed to ensuring effective, safe, appropriate care and treatment.

Trial visits are welcome, which will enable you to see for yourself if St Georges Lodge correctly meets your needs.

Emergency admissions are at the discretion of the Manager and will be subject to the same terms, conditions and assessments as pre-arranged admissions.

St Georges Lodge also offers intermediate or respite care. We believe that service users, who access intermediate care services, should be enabled to maximise their independence and return home with a robust Care Plan.

Service users are entitled to the services of the primary care team, including the District Nurse. We will maintain a high level of personal care and medical attention will be sought immediately if necessary.

All service users moving into the home will be provided with the appropriate information in the form of a welcome pack. Their Key worker will be on hand to answer any questions when settling in.

We respect your right to make choices about how your accommodation is provided and how your support and care needs are met.

Arrangements for Social Activities, Hobbies and Interests

St Georges Lodge has an activity programme varied in content so that all service users have the opportunity to access at least some parts of it.

Where some service users have a level of mental health impairment, the programme includes some activities designed specifically to stimulate these service users.

We have an activities schedule on display with details of the events. Activities include musicians, keep fit, musical movement, magicians, quizzes, arts and crafts and therapeutic activities.

Visiting clergy hold services in the home on request. Family are encouraged to visit at any time and made very welcome at St Georges.


You may feel free to question or complain about the service you receive at any time.

  • Please ensure that you have a copy of our complaints procedure and that you fully understand it.
  • St Georges Lodge has regular meetings for service users to air their views and make suggestions for improvement of the quality of care. Relatives are welcome to attend.

Service Provider and Registered Manager

Bushby Care Ltd

Mrs Susan Bushby RGN DN RMA
Mr Colin Bushby

St Georges Lodge
46 Chesswood Road
BN11 2AG
Phone: 01903 820633

Mrs. Linda Young is the Registered Care Manager and has been employed at the home for many years, gaining NVQ level 4 in care and The Registered Managers Award.

Her prime objective is the welfare of the residents and she is dedicated to maintaining the high standards of good quality care in the home.

'Our prime objective at St Georges Lodge is to provide a relaxed and happy environment for elderly people, thereby creating a homely atmosphere and promoting fulfilment of life with no undue pressures and enabling peace of mind in a safe environment.'..... Linda Young.

Care Staff

All care staff are trained via induction to respect the privacy and dignity of residents at all times and to uphold St Georges Lodge aims and objectives.

St Georges Lodge employs twenty care staff, the majority of whom have been with us for many years. They are all experienced in care of the elderly. Seven carers already hold NVQ qualifications. Four other staff members are currently studying for NVO level 2or 3 in care and this will be offered to all staff in the near future. Hands on training and relevant outside training are offered on a regular basis.

Legal Status of the Service Provider

The Owner is; A Limited Company

Address and details of the Home

St Georges Lodge Care Home
46 Chesswood Road
BN11 2AG

Tel No: 01903 820 633
Phone: 01903 820 633
Fax: 01903 820 633
E-Mail :

Contact Details for Care Quality Commission

Care Quality Commission Address:
CQC National Correspondence
Newcastle upon Tyne
Telephone: 03000 616161
Fax: 03000 616171

We have been rated as a 3 star home (Excellent) by the Care Quality Commission