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Google Android Cell might be Tracked after it wander away. Once the Android phone get stolen/dropped So When the brand new SIM card is injected in the portable, this software begins and automatically delivers SMS from the sim-card that will be inserted.You have to shop your household/friends mobile numbers inside the software and also the SMS may be sent to these mobile amounts. The SMS contains the IMEI amount of the mobile and company information on the SIM. The stability enhanced parental apps by pressing password to open the application. * Application un install Security, * Request Password Retrieval. * Turn-On/ the application off is not useless for numerous SIM Card People. * Data Secured in this application. Methods to continue with Program UI: * Phase 1: Install Mobile System from Play. * 2: Put Up Code on your secure entry.

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* Action 3: Pick 4 mobile tracker Connections and click save to store those contact numbers inside this app. * Stage 4: Visit Options and ticks stimulate it for uninstall security and uninstall safety. After mobile phone get stolen/lost, when the newest SIM card is inserted within the cellular, this software quickly sends SMS from the simcard which is inserted and starts. Once the SMS is received, you monitor your portable and can make. * This Application see the connections and conserve to the individual SharedPreferences, making an individual to select the average person contact to retailer in the program and also to get the contact numbers(Which Can Be apparent) when user get in to the application. This App wont utilize the contacts for almost any other functions. Software utilizes permission to send SMS from the program quickly when SIMULATOR change as well as for recovery that is password.

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When network plan change /at password recovery, costs income as per sim-card sMS send by the application. Android ,. Android / SIM-, SMS SIM-, inserted.You / SMS. SMS IMEI SIM. , ,. Application: *, *. * / SIM-.

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: * 1: Cell Tracker Google Play. * 2:. * 3: 4 ,. * 4:. ? /,, SIM-, SMS SIM-,. SMS, SMS. * SharedPreferences,, ( ),.

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* SMS SIM-. SMS SIM- /, , SIM-.

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