St Georges Lodge Newsletter September 2015

Residents meeting

We have a residents meeting on 25th September 1.30pm in the lounge. If you would like to request a matter for the meeting please contact Emma or Lyn. Emma will also visit residents in their rooms, if they are unable to attend the meeting.

Trip to The Longshore restaurant

Last month we visited The Longshore restaurant in Shoreham for Ice cream and drinks. The residents enjoyed the minibus ride to Shoreham and many had big ice cream sundaes. The men particularly enjoyed a nice cold beer!

Ladies trip to Highdown Tower for afternoon tea and cake

The ladies at St George’s are going on an outing to Highdown Tower for afternoon tea on 2nd September. The men at St Georges will be invited on the next minibus trip and they will decide where they would like to go. I expect it will be to a pub!

New singing act – Rocky Road Duo

We have a new singing act coming to perform at St George’s on 25th September at 2pm. They are called the Rocky Road Duo and cover songs from the 50s,60s and 70s. Tania and Jax will be singing in the lounge and have guaranteed us lots of songs to sing along and tap our feet to.

Ted Young

Last month we welcomed Ted Young the one man band, back to St George’s after a few months away unwell. It was lovely to see Ted perform again. We have missed his big smile, lively songs and bad jokes!


Tracey the hairdresser will be on holiday 15th September, but will be back at St George’s the following week on 22nd September at 1.15pm.


We would like to wish Doris and Avril a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY this month!

New Staff

We would like to welcome Lisa and Nina to our team of staff. Nina is working in the kitchen and also helping with the cleaning and laundry. Lisa is working days as a carer. Please say hello to the new girls!

Activities for September

Wednesday 2nd September 2pm
Minibus to Highdown Tower Tea
Rooms. For afternoon tea and cakes. Bus leaves at 2.15pm.

Thursday 3rd September 1.15pm –

Wednesday 9th September 2pm
Sarah playing the violin

Thursday 10th September 2pm
Activities with Pat

Monday 14th September 1.30pm–
Vision call opticians

Tuesday 15th September
No hairdresser today – on holiday

Wednesday 16th September 2pm
Paul playing the accordion in the lounge

4 Thursday 17th September 2pm
Activities with Pat

Friday 18th September 2pm
Ted Young singing in the lounge

Monday 21st September 2pm
Kim singing in the lounge

Tuesday 22nd September 1.15pm

Thursday 24th September –

Friday 25th September 1.30pm
Residents meeting in Lounge

Friday 25th September 2pm
Rocky Road Duo- singing in the lounge

Pat will be continuing her activities sessions every Wednesday or
Thursday. Residents have enjoyed her arts and crafts activities such as
making bird feeders and painting. She will be doing bingo and quizzes
this month.

All family and friends are welcome to join us for the activities. Tea,
coffee and cake will be served at 3.15pm.

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